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Blogging, the New PR Tool for the Savvy Academic Librarian
California Academic & Research Libraries 9th Conference
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May 2002

This blog is dedicated to Peter Scott who opened up the wild, wonderful world of blogging to me @ Internet Librarian 2001. Thanks Peter!

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Articles About Library Blogs
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Articles & Interviews About Blogs

100+ Stories On Blogging from Blake Carver's LISNews: "I keep this as up to date as possible. Let me know if I missed anything. It's like a blogging bibliography, not annotated yet though, and in no real order either."

All the News That's Fit to Blog "Say good-bye to the old-school pundits on the op-ed page of the New York Times. It's time to blog." April 2002 Fast Company by John Ellis. Check out the Related Stories in the sidebar and "For a good list, go to, where author, columnist, and blogger Virginia Postrel has links to the best of blog world".

Blogger Rhythms: an interview in the April 2002 issue of Internet Magazine with Blogger CEO Evan Williams "about how weblogs have changed the Web, why people will want to pay for Blogger Pro and if he's ever felt like giving it all up..."

Blogging Thoughts: Personal Publication as an Online Research Tool An academic paper by Torill Mortensen & Jill Walker.

Grassroots KM Through Blogging "The blend of KM and e-learning initiatives is on every CLO's (Chief Learning Officer) agenda these days. The pitch is that, KM wrapped e-learning will enable instant sharing and flow of strategic information, or knowledge, seamlessly through all channels of the organization, ensuring a well informed workforce that can react to the vagaries of the new economy." May 14, 2001 elearningpost by Maish Nichani & Venkat Rajamanickam.

The History of Weblogs from Dave Winer.

My Favorite Blogs "Fast Company contributor Daniel H. Pink shares four of his all-time favorite Weblogs. Sample the revolution here." March 2002 Fast Company by Anni Layne Rodgers.

Targeted Serendipity "Weblogs aren't just glorified pages of links and rambling personal sites; they are an antidote to mass media. According to the author of The Weblog Handbook, Rebecca Blood, blogs are also bringing creative expression to everyday people when they need it most." March 2002 Fast Company by Anni Layne Rodgers.

Weblog Madness A mega-site with 592 weblog-related resources including FAQs, an annotated bibliography, awards, hosting services and more.

weblogs: a history and perspective from Rebecca Blood, author of The Weblog Handbook.

Weblogs and the News: Where News, Journalism and Weblogs Intersect An annotated bibliography on blogging from The WELL.

Articles About Library Blogs

Blogging Your Life Away Online May, 2001 by Darlene Fichter.

Blogs Are a Natural for Librarians NewsLink Issue 24 October 2001 by Paula J. Hane.

Breaking News: Law Librarians as Newscasters New Jersey Law Journal September 4, 2001 by Susannah Crego, a Fairfield, librarian . "Newsletters and other services help librarians provide the right information at the right time."

A Closer Look at Weblogs October 15, 2001 Notes from the Technology Trenches, by Cindy Curling.

Communicating Off the Page Library Journal 9/15/2001 by Marylaine Block.

The E-Files: You Must Read This. Library Weblogs. American Libraries October 2001 by Walt Crawford. "Reading library-related news on the Web can be mind-bloggingly easy. The first of a three-part series."

Pass Me the Blog, Please Searchday June 14, 2001 by Chris Sherman, Associate Editor, Search Engine Watch. "I'm often asked, How in the world did you find THAT? The answer, quite often, is by searching through blogs, the web's equivalent of a sophisticated early warning system."

Weblogs and Blogging - Part 1 Free Pint No.111, May 2, 2002 by Dr Laurel Anne Clyde. Part 2 of this article will be published in Free Pint No.112.

Blog Sites & Tools

How to create a BlogThis! bookmarklet from Blogger™.

Blogger: Push-button Publishing for the People "Blogger is a free, web-based tool that helps you publish to the web instantly -- whenever the urge strikes." Susan's BlogBib is an example of a blog created with Blogger & hosted at Blog*Spot, a free hosting service for Blogger™-powered blogs.

Blogicon A lexicon of blogging.

Blogging: Creating Instant Content for the Web Peter Scott's Internet Librarian 2001 presentation where Susan learned how to blog.

the complete guide to weblogs from Peter Scott.

Daypop "Search 7000 News Sites and Weblogs for Current Events and Breaking News". "This search tool is among the finest at what it does: ferreting out the latest news..." CNET reviews five alternative search engines. Dec. 13, 2001.

ISSN for Weblogs "You can apply for and use an International Standard Serial Number for your Weblog. Your blog will then officially exist in the worldwide standardized encyclopedia of periodicals."

Learn to Blog Christina's blogging tips. Christina's Learn To Blog is an example of a blog using

Roll Your Own "Want to build your own weblog? Some people just edit the HTML by hand whenever they want to update. Others roll their own databases. Still others use one of the tools on this list."

Tools from the dmoz Open Directory Project.

The Weblog Tool Roundup on webmonkey by Joshua Allen May 2, 2002.

Weblog Tools from the Google Directory.

Highly Recommended Tools from Peter Scott:

Tools that work with

  • bloglet lets you set up a mailing list for your blog.

  • w.bloggar, a Windows program that lets you edit your blog from your desktop.

  • lets you keep track of recently updated blogs.

  • Commenting systems that let people interact with your blog: doesn't have this built in, but you can use services like uigui comments.

Library Blogs

The AcqWeblog: Web News for Acquiring Minds "Weblog and Press Releases from AcqWeb, the gathering place for librarians and other professionals interested in acquisitions and collection development." Edited and maintained by Anna Belle Leiserson, Webmaster, Vanderbilt University Law School.

Bloug Louis Rosenfeld's blog focusing on Information Architecture. Lou Rosenfeld is an independent information architecture consultant. He has been instrumental in helping establish the field of information architecture, and in articulating the role and value of librarianship within the field.

Catalogablog Library cataloging issues, concerns and related topics from David Bigwood. David is Assistant Manager of Library Services at the Lunar & Planetary Institute, Houston, TX and the liaison between the Cataloging Committee and the Physics Astronomy Mathematics (PAM) Division in SLA.

Dr. Anne Clyde's Weblogs Page Dr. L. Anne Clyde is Professor in the Faculty of Social Science at the University of Iceland, where she specializes in online searching and Internet applications. Her site includes information about weblogs, directories and guides to Weblogs, and a huge list of links to library and non-library weblogs.

EngLib "What's going on in Engineering, tech stuff, services and resources" from Catherine L. Welch, the Electronic Resources Librarian of an Engineering and Physical Sciences Library.

The Handheld Librarian "Librarians sharing news, applications, and ideas of interest with others working with handheld computer technology." A collaborative site; see the Contributors list.

Internet Scout Weblog "In the course of our daily surfing for the Scout Reports we come across numerous interesting items that for some reason or another don't quite fit our selection criteria. Rather than just sharing these items with each other or allowing them to sink unnoticed beneath the digital sands, we decided to create the Internet Scout Weblog, a new and separate service to complement our Reports. Like most 'Blogs, the type and number of resources listed in the Internet Scout Weblog may vary considerably from day to day. Most of the items are culled from the academic sources we rely on for the Reports, but may also include general interest or pithy sites or stories that strike our fancy (or funnybone)."

Liblog by The Christian Science Monitor library staff.

Library News Daily from Peter Scott, the Internet Projects Manager at the University of Saskatchewan Library in Saskatoon. Peter is the creator of Hytelnet, the first electronic browser for Internet resources, and Libdex, the worldwide directory of library homepages, web-based OPACs, Friends of the Library pages, and library e-commerce affiliate links. Add your library to Libdex.

Library Techlog by Matthew Eberle, a librarian at The Forsyth Institute in Boston.

Library weblogs A list of library-related weblogs from Peter Scott. If you would like your weblog added to the list, just send Peter an e-mail., a collaborative weblog devoted to current events and news in the world of Library and Information Science started by Blake Carver. Contributors

NewBreed Librarian "is a bimonthly publication intended to foster a sense of community for those new to librarianship, whether in school or just out." Contributors: Juanita Benedicto, Colleen Bell, and Ryan Shepard.

Pacifica Graduate Institute Graduate Research Library A good example of a collaborative library blog. Click on the Discuss links to see the author of each post.

The Shifted Librarian "Shifting libraries at the speed of byte! My name is Jenny, and I'll be your information maven today" from Jenny Levine, Internet Development Specialist at the Suburban Library System, Burr Ridge, IL.

The Virtual Acquisition Shelf & News Desk Resources & News for Information Professionals compiled & edited By Gary Price. Gary Price is the creator of direct search, "a growing compilation of links to the search interfaces of resources that contain data not easily or entirely searchable/accessible from general search tools like Alta Vista, Google, or Hotbot... Material 'hidden' from the general search tools is said to reside on the Invisible Web." Price is a librarian at George Washington University, Washington, D.C. & Ashburn, VA, as well as a consultant: Library & Internet Research Consulting. Price is also the creator of Price's List of Lists.

what's new @ your library Susan Herzog's library news page, Pearson Library, California Lutheran University. Susan is Manager of Reference Services and Coordinator of Undergraduate Information Literacy at CLU.

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